Lorelei suffers hundreds of seizures every day. As her seizures occur all over her brain, you can imagine how this impacts every aspect of her life. A fund has been created in Lorelei’s name to help with the cost of therapies, services, and devices that will benefit her greatly. Many of these things aren’t covered by insurance and the family is unable to provide her these things. The family also would like to build a sensory playroom in their home to give Lorelei a place to strengthen her developmental and sensory skills. This room will also serve as a place that she can retreat to when the world around her becomes more than she can handle. Lorelei is, emotionally, a very fragile little girl and often feels overwhelmed by the things that go on around her. It’s incomprehensible to think about what is going on in her brain, every minute, of every day.

Please donate what you can. No amount is too small. Every dollar truly does count. Please make sure to circulate the link to Lorelei’s Fund around as much as possible.

Help make a brighter future for Lorelei. Thank you all.


Please click image to Donate

3 thoughts on “PLEASE DONATE

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  2. Hi,
    My name is Seth Barkley I am moved by what you and your family, and supporters are trying to do. I myself do not need medical marijuana but I see what it does for these kids, and adults. I would love for it to be pushed through so that I can grow and provide medicine for everyone that needs it. I am wondering what I can do to help. I’m also trying to compile a list of the children and adults in Pennsylvania that need mmj to make stickers, t shirts, signs, etc. to inform the uneducated people of PA to let them know who needs it. I plan to have benefits as well as fundraisers to donate to the entire PA MMJ cause. Please let me know if I could use your daughters name on t shirts, etc. to further the cause and help everyone who needs it. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Seth Thomas Barkley

    • Hi Seth! Sorry, I seem to have missed your comment. I truly apologize. Whatever you find on Lorelei’s Facebook page is completely public and can be used…please do so only in the most respectful ways 🙂 Her fb page is, As for raising funds, we are looking for ways to raise funds to help is with the cost of Lorelei’s care and if you have any ideas for us, that would be amazing!! Thanks for reaching out.


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