Going Global and Making Strides

Hey there everyone! I was so happy to see, when I checked the website’s stats last night, that we have people coming to check us out from all over the world.

Lorelei’s story is one that I think most can relate to in some way or another. Some have a parent that they are losing to Alzheimer’s, some have a lifelong friend that has cancer, Some have a child who has come home from war with PTSD, some are fighting a battle themselves. From cancer to chronic pain, to MS, and everywhere in between, people all over can find relief from medical cannabis. Just want to say thanks to all of Lorelei’s supporters out there, all over the world

On another amazing note, Lorelei’s story has won the heart of republican State Representative Jim Cox of the 129th division here in Pa. Jim Cox is now the FIRST republican to ever co-sponsor a marijuana bill in our state!! He has officially co-sponsored House Bill 1181, proposing legalization of medical cannabis. Kudos to him for standing up for what’s right even when its hard to do. My family will forever be grateful to him. If you are a Pa resident, please call his office, write a letter, send a basket, whatever we can do to show our appreciation for his selfless act. He is most likely going to get some flack for this so let show him some love. Below is his address and phone number as well as a link to his Facebook page, where you can also leave a thank you message.

Representative Jim Cox
2909 Windmill Rd
Suite 7
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
(610) 670-0139


3 thoughts on “Going Global and Making Strides

  1. I’ve been following comments on Rep Jim Cox’s facebook site since it was started. I’ve never seen anything like the current response to thank him for supporting medical cannabis legislation. Keep it up people! Maybe the other Reps will get jealous.

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