Well, Hello There

Good morning and welcome to all our newcomers!! The support we’ve been shown is amazing!! We are so grateful and feel humbled knowing so many support Lorelei and our fight for medical cannabis. So many are asking how they can help. Its easy, really.

Please sign the petitions. There are links on this page to both of them. After you sign, please share them with absolutely everyone you can. There IS power in numbers!!

Next, you can call your local state reps and senators. If you don’t know who they are, here is a link to find them: http://www.legis.state.pa.us. Just search by your address in the top right corner of the page. Call and tell them you support medical cannabis in Pa. If you can manage a face to face meeting, that’s even better. This is vital in getting medical cannabis passed.

“Like” Lorelei’s page on Facebook to stay up to date with everything that’s going on. Events, like our rally on Nov.18th at the capitol, will be posted there. WWW.Facebook.com/legalizeforloreleiĀ  Invite your friends to like it too!! Share away šŸ™‚

Lastly, and I must say this is very hard for me to ask…I am a very proud person. Please donate if you can. If you can’t, please share the donation page around. There are things that we simply cannot afford for Lorelei like certain meds that aren’t covered by insurance, services, devices, etc. All of the money raised will go to Lorelei’s care.

Thank you all again for so much love and support. I wish I could hug each and every one of you. (((((((Cyber hug))))))))

3 thoughts on “Well, Hello There

  1. Hello. I saw your story on the news yesterday and thought that I should write to you and tell you my story. When my son was just 1 year old, he started having seizure, which sound exactly like the seizures your daughter has been experiencing. He would be fine and then next thing he would get a blank look on his face and then he would suddenly lay down and go to sleep, sometimes for just a few minutes and sometimes for a half hour. His seizures increased to the point, where he was having them constantly all day long. Sometimes, he would vomit first and then out he would go. After seeing several doctors, we were referred to a pediatric neurologist in Portland, Oregon, who did several tests, including an MRI. We were told our son’s seizures were related to epileptic seizures, but yet he was not being diagnosed with epilepsy. I remember that day so well. We were driving to Portland for our follow-up appointment (45 minutes from our home) and the entire way, our son was having one seizure after another. He must have had at least 30 seizures during the trip. The neurologist prescribed Topamax and after giving our son his first pill, he never had another seizure. ever. He was on the medication for only a year and then was gradually taken off. I am happy to say he is now 11-years-old and he has not had any seizures or any neurological episodes of any kind. I just wanted to share my story because it is so similar to yours. I know your daughter has been given a lot of different medications, but just in case you haven’t tried Topamax, maybe you can ask about it and it can help your daughter like it helped my son. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Thanks you so much for sharing your story with me. I am happy to hear of the success your son has had. We have not yet tried Topamax with Lorelei. Her docs have said it is not one typically used with her seizure type. We will be seeing a new doc at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia next month and hope he will be able to lead us in a new direction, possibly even Topamax. I am looking for ANY successful treatment for Lorelei, not just cannabis so I’ll take suggestions from anyone willing to give them. Thank you again for reaching out.

  2. hello, im a supporter of medical cannabis and have a two year old daughter of my own. i cannot imagine what you are going thru and wish nothing but the best for Lorelei. i hope mr. corbett has enough sense to not veto SB1182. ive seen what medical cannabis does for some childrens seizures its not only amazing but eye opening. how corbett doesnt see this is beyond me. i just wanted to leave a comment to let you kno i fully support MMJ and as a young parent myself i wish i could do more. for now i will continue to spread the word about the medicinal value of cannabis and how it is a legit medicine and needs to legalized.

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