Big Day for Media

Wow!! We made front page/top story with Lancaster Newspaper this morning!! I feel so grateful that we are able to get our message out there on such an enormous platform. The article was great and I’m glad they were able to convey that these children would not be smoking or getting high. Here is the link to the story:…makes-case-for-medical-marijuana.html
My LadyBud article also came out at around midnight! They did an amazing job with it. We are lucky to have such a great outlet like LadyBud to tell our story through. The women there are fantastic!  The link to that is here:
The Fox 29 story has not aired yet today. My guess is that they’ll run it on their evening news. When I have a link for that, I’ll post it.
We are feeling very fortunate this morning. It’s an amazing feeling to know that so many are landing on our side. People are seeing the benefits and opening their minds to change and for that we are grateful. What a wonderful day.  Hope everyone has an awesome day!!
Love and hugs to all of our supporters

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