Big day for Lorelei

Good morning to all on this frigid, frosty day. I hope it warms up. I am not a cold weather person and neither is Lorelei.

On Wednesday, I spent the day at our capitol building in Harrisburg having meetings with state representatives and senators. I was able to explain, in person, why we need to legalize medical cannabis in Pa. The surprising part for me was that they didn’t even know about the high CBD/low THC strains of the cannabis plant. Furthermore, they had no idea that it could be made into an edible form that wouldn’t get people high. These people are committee members on the medical cannabis bills! They have chosen not to educate themselves on an issue that they have been assigned to, yet half of the people I met with are totally against legalization. How can someone who has no information on a subject make a decision one way or the other? Fortunately two of the people I met with are entirely on board for the medical aspect and all the rest of them would be in favor if there was a bill that specified the sole use of high CBD/low THC strains. That limits very much who it can help, but it’s a start. Progress is progress. I am already working on that angle.

Today is going to be quite a day for Lorelei. We have already been to the blood lab this morning. Lorelei LOVES having her blood drawn (I know, kinda weird). It could be the complete opposite so I’m grateful for her weirdness. This will be to check for inflammatory markers, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and other intestinal related problems. Lorelei was having belly pains over the last couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure it has to do with one of her medications but we have to rule out the other stuff.

On a lighter note, Lorelei will be participating in a horse show today. She goes to assisted therapeutic horseback riding lessons and today she will get to show off what she has learned. Her Mom Mom, Poppy, and Aunt Maime are coming to watch her. Daddy, her siblings and I will also be there, of course. Lorelei doesn’t do well in a crowd but I’m hoping her instructor can keep her focused on what’s she doing instead of all the people.

Please don’t forget to sign and share the petitions. We also have a donation fund going for Lorelei, please donate if you can and share that page too. Thanks all.

Well, I guess it’s time to really get this day going already!

Until next time, love and hugs

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