I knew it

I said on my last post that it was gonna be a good week….I was right!

Lorelei has been eating like crazy. She has moved from strictly eating pumpkin roll to eating more “real food”. She is a happier little girl when she has food in her belly. Unfortunately, this positive change has not decreased her seizure frequency but at least I am getting glimpses of the joyful Lorelei that I miss so much.

I feel like things are moving in a positive direction with the fight to legalize medical marijuana in Pa. The frustrating thing for me is that, so many legislators claim to have “sympathy” for Lorelei, our family and for all the people statewide living with chronic medical conditions. That being said, so many of them, mainly republicans, aren’t doing anything about it. I really do appreciate their empathy but I can’t really take it to heart without their sincere willingness to actually act on it. There are so many Republican party members that are in favor of medical marijuana legalization in Pa but they never seem to stand up and make it happen. I plan to change that. There are currently 2 bills before the House and the Senate. Senate Bill 770 has been on the desk of Pa Senator Pat Vance since April. So far she has not taken it to the other members of the committee assigned to it for a vote. I have started a petition to urge her to do so. Please take just a moment to sign and share it.

While ur there, if you haven’t already done so, please sign and share my other petition asking Gov. Tom Corbett to legalize medical marijuana in Pa for children and adults. Help me get to 10,000 signatures!!

I feel like with all the support and great people surrounding Lorelei and our fight, things are going to start moving sooner than later. I can’t wait to speak this Saturday at the Lancaster Hemp Harvest Rally too. Tonight I will be attending an epilepsy support group where I hope to be able to tell our story, connect with more people, and gain support for our cause. Maybe I can even educate some people about medical marijuana!!

As always, please follow my blog to stay up to date with what’s going on and like and share my Facebook page at Legalize for Lorelei.

Until next time, love and hugs

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