Amazing day

Today was truly awesome!! Very productive. Thanks to the help of a really stand up guy, all of the social media pages are up and running. Lorelei’s blood work came back and it was good. I guess people can just go without eating after all…hmmm. And I got to talk with someone I would now consider a friend. Chris is a member of Philadelphia’s NORML charter and he is coming out for me and all the parents at Team MMJ (Facebook page) in a huge way! We at Team MMJ are hosting a rally at the capitol in Harrisburg on Nov. 18th and he has agreed to speak. This is a man who really knows his stuff and will be a huge asset to our cause.

Thanks to all that come and check out Legalize for Lorelei! Be sure to follow this page to stay up to date with everything Lorelei and the fight to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. U can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter, the links are on the right hand side of the page….just look over….yup…right there, now just click and like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter 🙂 Awesome!

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