Meeting great people!

Last night before the forum I had the pleasure of meeting a family at their home. Lolly and Mark are part of a group of parents on Facebook called Team MMJ and they have a precious 5 year old daughter named Anna. While we were eating dinner I was given yet another reason to fight for the legalization of medical marijuana (MMJ). As we all sat there eating and talking, Anna’s head slammed forward and hit the table….hard! Her awesome uncle immediately placed his arm on the table to protect her head and comforted Anna as she continued to seize. Upwards of 15 times Anna’s head jolted forward violently. Everyone at the table, though concerned, continued to eat their dinner and converse, even her siblings. They knew her uncle had everything under control. This is a testament how families like ours have become so accustomed to these types of events happening EVERY SINGLE DAY! Anna has an extremely supportive and loving family, she is a lucky girl. Her parents are right there with me and hundreds of parents all over Pa that are fighting for MMJ! I was so happy to have connected with this family and I’m sure we will be friends for years to come.

One thought on “Meeting great people!

  1. Thank you, Dana! I love what you wrote! I’m so glad to finally have the chance to get to know you. It’s amazing how I already feel a bond between us.

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