Harrisburg, here I come!!

Was woken this morning to Lorelei climbing into bed with me….love morning snuggles with my baby girl. Next was up and time to get ready for school. She did pretty well this morning with only one breakdown. She hates to have her hair messed with so its always a challenge to do her hair for school but we got it done. No breakfast as usual, its hard to get her to eat anything most of the time. Not sure if its the meds or just the unique way her brain works but most of the time food is either too hot, too cold, too crunchy, too mushy, to dry, to wet, she doesn’t like the way it tastes or she doesn’t like the way it feels. Meal times are always a struggle.

Lorelei was heartbroken this morning when I told her that I wouldn’t see her again until tomorrow morning because I was going away for the day. What she doesn’t really understand with all that I’ve been doing lately is that its for her. Today I’m heading to Harrisburg (Pennsylvania’s capitol) for an open mic/forum. I am so ecstatic to be able to finally look the committee members for the medical marijuana bills in the eyes and tell them why legalizing medical marijuana is so important. I hope they can shed their politician skin long enough to be open to the human side of all of this. There are so many suffering and my Lorelei is one of them.

Fingers crossed for a productive day! Love and hugs.

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